Our Platform

We are decoding the role of the extracellular matrix (ECM) in health and disease to discover new drug targets, biomarkers, and novel therapeutic strategies to improve the management of fibrotic diseases and solid tumours.

Our Pipeline

The assets being developed in our discovery stage portfolio target disease-specific changes in the bioactivity and deposition of ECM proteins, with the aim of improving clinical outcomes in patients with fibrosis and solid tumours.

Our Partnerships

Agreements with Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Dompé Farmaceutici aim to create value for Engitix and our partners through the discovery of effective therapies for patients with fibrotic diseases and solid tumours.

Our People

Our ambitious and entrepreneurial team has a wealth of scientific and clinical expertise on the role of the extracellular matrix in chronic diseases and a track record of delivering molecules into the clinic.

Latest News

Proprietary in vitro 3D tissue specific and disease specific screening

Our Programmes

We are developing a portfolio of programmes in fibrosis and solid tumours

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See our Partnerships

We work with pharma and biotech partners to utilise the full discovery potential of our platform

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