Project Manager

13th October 2021

Engitix uses proprietary decellularisation technologies to expand cells in 3D culture. Unlike traditional decellularisation technologies which generate extracellular matrix (ECM) products from animal tissue, the Engitix 3D Tissue Engineering System produces human ECM scaffolds which retain the biophysical and biochemical properties of the healthy or diseased donor organ ECM. These ECM scaffolds are then used to develop in vitro disease models for the discovery and validation of novel therapeutic targets and to identify effective therapeutics for fibrosis and solid tumours.

Key Responsibilities

The project manager will work closely with the CSO, project leaders and external collaborators to:

  • Develop and maintain detailed programme plans and ensure delivery of deliverables on time.
  • prepare and manage budgets and reports
  • determine critical path activities and facilitate decision making
  • identify issues and provides appropriate solutions
  • ensure projects risks are known in advance, mitigated or managed. Assists in the creation of contingency plans and scenario planning.
  • work with CROs to outsource activities and optimise resourcing
  • organise, coordinate, and document project team meetings with external partners.

The project manager will manage the governance and reporting process for a portfolio of related projects, ensuring the teams have the tools, expertise and resources they require to deliver on the project goals and align to the wider organisation’s vision and objectives.

Qualifications, Key Experience, and Competencies

Experience from previous project manager roles, either in biotech or pharma.

A professional qualification/certification in project management.

To apply for this position, please send a full CV along with a cover letter to