Associate Director, Medicinal Chemistry

24th November 2021

Engitix uses proprietary decellularisation technologies to expand cells in 3D culture. Unlike traditional decellularisation technologies which generate extracellular matrix (ECM) products from animal tissue, the Engitix 3D Tissue Engineering System produces human ECM scaffolds which retain the biophysical and biochemical properties of the healthy or diseased donor organ ECM. These ECM scaffolds are then used to develop in vitro disease models for the discovery and validation of novel therapeutic targets and to identify effective therapeutics for fibrosis and solid tumours.


At Engitix we focus on developing both novel and improved therapies to treat advanced fibrosis and solid tumours. We currently outsource all lab-based chemistry to Contract Research Organisations (CROs) and collaborative partners. As Associate Director, Medicinal Chemistry you will manage the day-to-day activities for all small molecule drug discovery programs and lead a team of external synthetic chemists. This role will be based in White City, London with the option to work from home 2-3 days per week.

Key Responsibilities

  • Leading the Medicinal Chemistry on all projects
  • Overseeing workflows to synthetic chemists at our CROs and collaborative partners
  • Ensuring the timely delivery of high-quality small molecule development candidates
  • Encouraging new and maintaining existing collaborations with external partners from biotech and CROs
  • Safeguard Engitix’s IP through advancing it’s patent estate
  • Oversee all DMPK safety and toxicology data to enable successful hit to-lead and lead optimisation campaigns through outstanding molecular design


  • Extensive knowledge of the entire drug discovery process including scientific disciplines crucial for lead optimisation – Toxicology, pharmacology, ADME, computational chemistry, formulation, drug safety and IP
  • Experience in managing a team (preferably remote teams of medicinal/Synthetic chemist working at CROs)
  • Experience of working with CROs, biotech’s or pharmaceutical organisations.
  • Experience in patent filings
  • Knowledge of oncology and fibrosis is advantageous
  • A solid understanding of structure-based drug design and in drug discovery


  • PhD or MSc in synthetic chemistry with at least 10 years’ experience in a world-class small molecule drug discovery organization

To apply for this position, please send a full CV along with a cover letter to